In our everyday lives, we have a variety of ways to get to college or work. The distances are usually short and can easily be covered by bicycle or public transport. 

This kind of perception of mobility is not a matter of course in many rural, low-income regions of the world. A lack of transport infrastructure and long distances prevent people from reaching their schools or workplaces.

With our project "Longest Ride", we intend to support World Bicycle Relief to contribute to the mobility of people through the power of bicycles.

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World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) mobilizes people through the Power of Bicycles. In many rural areas across the globe, individuals are unable to access basic needs, due to the barrier of distance. WBR's mission is to provide sustainable, appropriate bicycles to mobilize and empower individuals and communitites, so they can travel to schools, clinics, and markets.
Learn more about World Bicycle Relief.

The impact

Every donation makes an impact and contributes to the goal of equipping as many people as possible with a bicycle! For example: 

  • 26€ = 1 wheelset 
  • 47€ = 1 toolset
  • 147€ = 1 bikes
  • 588€ = 4 bikes

Our fundraising goal

Our goal is to raise at least €4,410 in funds to finance two bicycles for each country we ride through on our journey. With a more ambitious amount of €32,000, we could even equip an entire school in Colombia with bicycles.